Hello ! Long time since the last update as usual :P . So much work to do... I hope in september or october i'll be able to update more! thanks for your visit on my deviant page .I realize i didn't mention it but the site is link free and link exchanges are welcom so if you're interested send me a note :)

Hello ! Welcome back to art of moshimoshi . For this update you can find new stuff in nearly all
galleries...the biggest news is that i opened a page at Deviant art by
clicking here. So if you're a deviant art member or not come visit ! ^__^ See you!

Hello ! First of all thank you very much for the 6000 hits ! I really wanted to do a special drawing but my days need to have 28h instead of 24 so for this update most of the news can be found on the oekaki page. See you !